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Mindful Yoga With Katie Cosgrove


An International Yoga teacher, Katie has more than a decade of experience practicing yoga and has been teaching for almost as long. After graduating from University of Hawaii, Katie traveled to India to complete her teacher training at a Satyananda Ashram in Nashik. Her first five years of teaching were spent mainly in Sydney Australia. During her time there, she had the pleasure of studying under and working with some of Sydney’s best yoga teachers.


Katie believes that life is all about balance, on and off the mat. In her opinion Yoga should act as a guide towards balance but without any strict rules around that experience. We’re all on our own path so practicing doesn’t mean you have to become a vegan and speak fluent Sanskrit. Instead, she teaches from the idea that this practice can be whatever you need it to be. So, if you need it to be an hour of Savasana followed by a glass of wine… do it… mindfully of course.


Katie teaches a Vinyasa style of Yoga balanced with strength, softness and mindfulness. Her classes are challenging yet playful and light hearted while also focusing on keeping the body supported and safe.

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